Camayan Beach in Subic Bay – Beyond the Beach Itself


LIFE IS A BEACH…for me this is the place closest to heaven and paradise. What is it about the beach and sunset to me? It is the feeling of tranquility and peace. Its powdery sand , blueish color of the sea, big waves and how overwhelming the mountain looks just perfect in front of you.  


We went there for a 2 day trip for work purpose, to cover an event and ended up as a Stay-cation. It was my first time to visit Camayan Beach in Subic bay.  Unlike other beach resort, Camayan resort is very simple. they also have a pool as one of their amenities and everyone can also enjoy the blueish sea.

From Makati were our pick up point was located, we left around 7am and arrived roughly around 10am with some stop-overs. Upon arriving, you can already tell that your finally arrived at Subic Bay, then i was sure that this quick vacation with work is going to be fun and exciting. 

As we arrived, we were welcomed by the beautiful long stretched of the beach, while waiting for our rooms, i didn’t waste any time and start taking photos and toured the place. These are what i call  the MORNING BREEZE PHOTOGRAPHY. 



10383510_1127644950594221_6434523676743094341_n (1)

I can’t say that i was brokenhearted because that  very moment the beach welcomed me, brushed my hair with its breeze, greeted me with a beautiful scene. 

So this is my room. We had a deluxe type of room. I was surprised because I was expecting less for a room. Camayan’s room is very classy and you can tell that you just stayed in a hotel. very impressive for a beach resort room!


You can enjoy the day full of activities including kayaking, snorkeling, diving, walking and beach games. Just across Camayan Beach is the Ocean Adventure. its a great venue to interact, learn about life for the animals of the world’s marine habitats and enjoy a whole day of fun and exciting show with your family. 

I can definitely say that i had the best relaxation, just by taking lot’s of photos. The view calms the soul and its a good thing that we reflect sometimes just by staring  and start appreciating the view. And so i didn’t waste anytime, I took photos of what kind of beauty my eyes captured. 




It came as a perfect timing for appreciating the nature, sunset and moon rise. The view came to me like a big surprise, I remember that was the time my heart was broken. Yes! my fragile heart has been broken. It was clearly that maybe God wants me to realize something when life is hard. 






What i love about beach is the first stab of love like a sunset, a blaze of color oranges and reflection of gold definitely impressive. 

We had our dinner and buffet breakfast here and it was pleasant. They serve  a complete Filipino dishes and also try their in house fruit shakes and coffee for you to enjoy the whole stay at the resort. 


The next day, we spent an afternoon tour at a WILD LIFE SANCTUARY were animals are treated and taken care of. these animals mostly are endangered and few of them are rarely seen in our typical zoo here in Metro Manila.  


LONG TAILED MACAQUES – They are also called crab eating macaques. They Love crabs and shellfish but spend most of their time eating fruits.



Crested Serpent Eagle They have a noticeable crest of feathers on their head. 


Eastern Grass Owl


They say, Traveling is one of life’s great joys. It’s a way to see the world and learn about places you’ve never been before and sometimes it can be a blessing in disguise. Travelling is kind of like being in love, and for those who are brokenhearted – its more on reflecting, finding your old self again, appreciating more of what you have.

 Getting There:

  •  From central Manila, head north on EDSA and look for signs to enter NLEX
  • Continue on NLEX Approx 76 km to Angeles City and look for signs for Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX)
  • Take the exit for SCTEX toward Subic Bay
  • Continue on SCTEX Approx 57 km and stay straight as you exit the expressway onto Maritan Hwy
  • Maritan Hwy merges into Argonaut Hwy after approx 2.5 km
  • Continue on Argonaut Hwy approx 3.6 km until it ends at stop sign
  • Turn left onto Corregidor road

Signs for Camayan Beach Resort along Corregidor Rd will guide you at key intersections

  • Continue on Corregidor Rd approx 7 km to the first 4-way intersection
  • Go right at the 4-way intersection onto Ilanin Rd
  • Go to the end of Ilanin Rd approx 5 km and proceed through our gate – follow driveway to the right


Michelle's sweet life just got sweeter